The pandemic has triggered an unprecedented shift in consumer behaviour. It’s no surprise that one of the key takeaways from MIT Technology Review’s ‘Digital acceleration report’ is businesses that “invested in technology before the coronavirus pandemic made relatively smooth transitions to online commerce and remote work”. This is a topic covered in detail across publications you most likely already follow, whether it’s Forbes reporting on it, or Spotzer.

We all know this is especially felt by small businesses, most of whom are going through a forced digital transformation without having the expertise needed to succeed. Even in less turbulent times, many business owners reported not knowing the basics, such as; how Google’s search engine works. The level of knowledge drops further when you get into topics like selecting the right e-commerce platform or the benefits of first-party data. The lack of time and resources are amplified by the changes in government regulations. More than ever, SMBs need guidance from a trusted source.

With the third-wave underway, we see it as our duty here at Spotzer to help small businesses navigate through these times. We also see it as our duty to equip our partners with the right tools and support they need to ensure customer success. In recent articles, we explored some of the methods and techniques we use to build digital marketing businesses for our global partners. We are global leaders in providing Online Marketing as a Service (OMaaS) for SMBs. We create websites, enable e-commerce capabilities, run digital marketing campaigns, and manage the customer relationship for our partners in a white-labeled do-it-for-me model. Our tried and tested approach results in superior NPS scores, our beacon of customer satisfaction here at Spotzer, which commonly hits 70+ for our partners.

Even though it’s one of the most disruptive periods for businesses in recent times, it’s also a hot market out there for e-commerce and digital marketing solutions.

Sales as a Service

As a natural evolution of our digital product and technology-enabled services suite, we have now launched Sales as a Service, where we help our global partners grow their revenue by upselling to their existing customer base. Spotzer introduces and educates customers to and on complementary website solutions that assist in increasing their online presence, generate leads, and grow their ROI online. We offer partners:

When Spotzer upsells, this means an increase in revenue without increasing staff, managing commissions, and the effort of training your workforce. Using Spotzer to upsell also helps improve customer retention as customers with more than one product are less likely to churn. 

Below are solutions from our OMaaS suite that we are actively upselling on behalf of partners as add-ons to their existing Spotzer website solution.

Drive leads today with Spotzer Ads

Spotzer Ads has a proven track record of delivering maximum ROI for budgets small and up, helping SMBs get the most out of their investment and grow their business. With an existing Spotzer website that is conversion optimized and built according to SEO principles, it’s an easy process to set-up and manage customer lead generation campaigns across Google, Bing, Facebook, and Instagram.

E-commerce solutions and support

It’s no secret that e-commerce is in high demand. Here at Spotzer, we’ve seen an almost 200% increase in e-commerce orders in the past 12 months. In previous years, we have used and reviewed leading e-commerce platforms and know exactly what solutions will work best for a partner’s customer base. This is something our Head of Product, David Elliott, covered in detail during his keynote at Digital Marketing & Local Search Association SIINDA’s ‘Intro to e-commerce’ alongside Google and Yext.

Additional pages

Most micro and small businesses need between 3 and 6 pages to cover the basics. We offer the flexibility to create more pages so business owners can tell their full story. This includes:

Multilingual websites

Talk to your customers in their native language with multilingual websites. We support most Western European languages through our extensive network of multilingual professionals.

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Are you an enterprise that wants to start selling digital solutions aimed at scale? Do you already have your digital products in the market and are looking to accelerate growth? Contact us today to learn how you can leverage our robust solutions designed to help you grow your business.

By Bertram Croes Product Manager

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