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90% of local searches happen online and 76% of those result in an action within 24 hours. If a business cannot be found online it’s highly li kely potential customers will not find the business offline.

Businesses that ensure they can be found online on all relevant local and national listings will greatly increase their chances of appearing in front of their target audience.Businesses can make it easy for potential customers to find them by being present on business directories, Map listings such as Google & Apple Maps, Search Engines, social media networks and direction apps (GPS systems).

Our Partners

Our Business Listings Partners

Spotzer Digital Listing solutions are integrated with the industry’s most powerful Business Listing platforms. Through our partnerships with Uberall and Yext Spotzer Digital has built into our processes and workflows seamless ways of passing business information directly to our listing partner’s systems. This empowers businesses to quickly get their businesses live on the most important listings online while affording these businesses access to powerful listing platforms so they can quickly understand how customers are interacting with their businesses on 50+ directory sites and platforms.

A Powerful Process

As we brief new orders or update existing campaigns the Spotzer Digital systems inject the business details obtained across the websites we built but also across, PPC, SEO campaigns partner CRMs and our listing partners platforms.

Through our integration with the CMS’, Website builders, proprietary Marketing solutions & Hubs, Yext and Uberall, the structured business data (Name, Address, Phone number (NAP), Opening hours, Payment types etc) we take from the SMB customer is automatically ingested directly to the client’s website, listings, SpotzerAds tool and other assets that house their information. This not only saves time but increases the efficiency of how we work through automation and critically reduces errors in the business’ NAP protocol, consistency of which is imperative for SEO.

Spotzer Digital’s goal is to not only help small businesses design great websites, offer online advertising solutions, SEO and consultancy services, but to help businesses get found online by the customers that need their services right now. A strong listings solution is an extremely effective way of ensuring that happens.

We’ll help you bring your solutions to more customers. Get in touch with us and let’s talk.​