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Growing businesses of all sizes through content-heavy SEO

Spotzer Digital is a leading, award winning, digital marketing technology provider. We are fully cloud enabled, delivering results for enterprise partners and their SMB customers.

Local, national & international SEO​ .

At Spotzer Digital we have a portfolio of SEO solutions to suit almost all businesses, no matter their size, budget or ambition. From sole traders to enterprises, we can recommend an SEO solution perfectly tailored to your needs.

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Spotzer Digital’s SEO packages​ .

Spotzer Digital’s SEO products are fully managed, do-it-for-me SEO solutions. The SEO strategy is built on ongoing website optimisation delivered by teams of market local SEO specialists and copywriters. The SEO campaigns are supported by market-leading SEO software to ensure they are always in line with any global or local algorithm changes.
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In good SEO strategy

SEO aligned with business strategy​.

Spotzer Digital’s SEO solutions act as an extension of the client’s business strategy. Every client gets a dedicated SEO specialist that works with them to optimise their website, so that the website is aligned with the business’s strategy and vision. This is to ensure the website is found for the keywords that will generate the best return from the SEO investment. The dedicated SEO specialist will guide the client through the process of selecting the right keywords and content themes. That will act as the foundation of the SEO content strategy.

SEO, copy & design specialists​​.

Our SEO, copy and design experts work as a team to ensure all on-site SEO and content is updated directly to the website: the client doesn’t have to do a thing. Our goal is to ensure the website users have a great experience while browsing the site. A website that offers a great user experience is a website that sends the right signals to Google and other search engines, thus encouraging the search engines to rank the website higher.