Deliver six times as much value with our Premium Website solution

Over the last 12 months, we’ve shared numerous articles on the above-average performance of our website base. As the year gradually starts to close and we enter the Christmas season, we’re taking time to examine our customer base once more to understand which website features have been driving customer success that leads to our industry-leading NPS.

We work with some of the world’s most popular website platforms where we’ve amassed a comprehensive breadth of capabilities. This analysis focuses on our premium website and basic website cohort across our European customer base. The website products we examined are listed below.

  • Premium websites
  • 7-page websites
  • 3-page websites

Here we focussed on ROI, the volume of leads and website visits generated across this cohort. Below we share our key findings.

Premium websites generate as much as six times as many conversions

The percentage of websites that generates leads from Jan. 2022 until Oct. 2022 based on the product type

Over 90% of premium websites regularly generate leads. These include click-to-call, form submissions, Whatsapp buttons and more. Meanwhile, this is below 80% for 7-page websites and peaks at 64% for 3-page websites. This means that customers can expect to generate business from their website, a key piece of feedback we receive whenever we talk to small and medium business owners.

The average volume of leads generated per month from Jan. 2022 until Oct. 2022 based on the product type

When looking at the average number of leads these products generate per month, you see premium websites generate over six times as many leads as a 3-page website. When compared to a 7-page website, the premium website still generates three times as many leads without needing to pay six or three times as much. The return on investment is clear, more so when considering customer lifetime value.

The average number of visitors per month from Jan. 2022 until Oct. 2022 based on the product type

When looking at website visitors, Premium websites significantly outperform 3-page websites by 300% to sometimes 800% in extreme cases. It goes without saying that the more website visitors you have, the more opportunities a small business owner has to get value from their website.

Aside from website visitors, another factor that drives ROI is your onsite engagement and the volume of leads generated. Here we asked ourselves what drove the significantly higher performance websites.

Meaningful websites with features that make a difference

A common driver of customer churn is when customers don’t understand the value delivered by their digital product. In our experience, more than ever, there is an expectation from small and medium business owners that websites need to deliver ROI on a regular basis. When customers understand the value delivered by their digital products, they are more likely to express this through high NPS scores. 

Our premium websites create more opportunities for website visitors to interact and do business with small and medium business owners. Our premium websites offer more opportunities for a visitor to engage. From Whatsapp buttons to quoting tools, the user experience is enriched by refined and interactive features not present on basic websites. This increases the volume of leads captured and improves the ability to demonstrate value to customers.

  • Click to call
  • Email link clicks
  • SMS clicks
  • Mobile map
  • Coupon clicks
  • OpenTable reservations
  • Form submissions
  • Quoting tool
  • Whatsapp buttons
  • … and more

These interactive features not only result in higher engagement with website visitors, the interactive features and general quality of the websites add SEO value. Google and other search engines reward this on their search engine results pages with more screen real estate through rich snippets. This means users are more likely to click on your high-ranking and robust website listing.

The interactive features and quality of the websites are rewarded by search engines which means more organic traffic over time. As your organic traffic grows, the premium design ensures uses that visit your website are more likely to engage and do business with your small and medium business customers. It makes sense that premium websites consistently receive high customer satisfaction scores as the ROI is clear and can easily be communicated.

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