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This article is part of a series where we take a closer look at our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) product and share the experience we have with delivering a strong online presence for SMB’s. 

Driving more people to a site, people coming from all over the world, generally seems like an amazing idea. You want a greater audience for all your products and services, no matter where they are coming from. Unfortunately, this is almost never the case for SMB’s, who are more benefited with targeted localized SEO, or Local SEO.

What is Local SEO?

Usually, SEO focuses on getting the core of your business to be visible through search engine results. In the case of a plumber, this is represented by keywords such as: 

  • Plumbing
  • Blocked Drain
  • Commercial plumbing
  • Burst Pipe Plumber

Although there might be a map showing off some local options, the overwhelming majority of the results for such queries will be ads, large companies, authoritative websites like wikipedia or amazon and aggregator websites. 

This is due to the way queries are handled, where geographical location is seldom taken into consideration. Local SEO incorporates the essence of our clients’ business in combination with the specific location they operate in. Instead of the generic keywords listed above, we incorporate the location into the keyword. For example, a plumber in Fulham, a suburb of London, would look like this:

  • Plumbing Fulham
  • Blocked Drain Fulham
  • Commercial plumbing Fulham
  • Burst Pipe Plumber Fulham

The power of Local SEO

Most of our clients are ambitious entrepreneurs who dream big and see their website as a platform to launch their business in new, untapped markets. Markets in which they have no prior experience. A cabinet maker from Rome wants to be known across Italy, selling to customers from Milan to Naples. 

But the cost and effort for such an ambitious endeavour quickly reaches heights way out of reach for an average cabinet maker. Generic keywords or keywords targeted towards entire countries or big cities are densely populated with aforementioned results. 

Local SEO provides Search Engines with a more specific target. Instead of competing with large companies in a broader area, our clients stand out in their community, bringing in local customers that are more likely to generate revenue.

Spotzer Digital Local SEO approach – build your community

Every client we onboard for our SEO product, we ask the same questions: What do you want to be known for by the public? Who do you want to reach? What elements make up the core of your business? Some clients have never considered these questions before, while others have years of experience in defining their company. 

Defining these lets us select the correct combination of keywords with location specific terms. This leads to a clear content optimization strategy that increases the rank position for your relevant area. Local searchers for a product or service will now see your product or service pop up as a point of interest nearby. 

Besides driving keywords, we will make sure that all local listings relevant to the business are up-to-date. Providing an extra boost for SEO, as well as free advertising for our clients. 

With four offices around the globe, including the headquarters in Amsterdam, Spotzer Digital serves tens of thousands of small and medium businesses by building and managing their websites, launching their paid search and SEO campaigns, managing listing solutions, E-commerce and local market place. Spotzer Digital also consults on, and builds SaaS solutions that help support partners take to market best in class website and digital solutions.

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