100% growth in website traffic and 35% conversion increase

Our CEO, Peter Urmson, spoke on the first day of SIINDA Live Mallorca on May 16th alongside industry peers like Duda, Yext, and many others. He dove deep into our view on ‘evolving your business model’ with a focus on integrated platforms, marketplaces, and services. It’s about providing customers with a unified customer journey across multiple products and services while maintaining a consistent brand experience and level of quality that a fragmented journey would not be able to offer.

He shared tangible post-pandemic trends and covered concrete cases on how COVID accelerated digital innovation and adoption by compressing 10 years of e-commerce adoption into three months. One of which is how online shopping behaviour has evolved into a more omnichannel approach. As an example, a person researches the business’ website, looks up customer feedback on their social media channels, checks out Youtube product review videos, and asks friends on Whatsapp about their experiences before even considering a purchase.

In our own global partner website base, with some enterprise partners, we observed a 35% increase in organic onsite conversion rates between March 2020, the start of the pandemic, and March 2022. We also saw a 100% increase in website traffic and although it is still early post-pandemic days, we expect this will become the new norm.

We expect this trend to continue as channels like Youtube and TikTok show strong signals of growth and increased adoption in the digital marketing space. For our partners, these are things that we take to heart at Spotzer Digital as we ensure we remain at the forefront of what local business owners feel they need.

Are you an enterprise that wants to start selling digital solutions aimed at scale? Do you already have your digital products in the market and are looking to accelerate growth? Contact us today to learn how you can leverage our robust solutions designed to help you grow your business.


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