Youtube and video creation on Spotzer Ads

We are proud to announce that Spotzer Ads supports bumper ads and skippable video ads on Youtube including scalable video content creation, ongoing management, and reporting. The customer journeys that our partners know and love now include video content creation and syndication to the widely popular channel. In addition to our search, social and display solutions, our partners are able to include Youtube in their channel budget mix for mid and higher tiers with the two complementary formats running in parallel. 

A bumper ad is a non-skippable video ad format that increases the reach of an online advertising campaign. It appears before the start of targeted video content on Youtube and tends to perform well on mobile devices. The maximum video length is 6 seconds. The Skippable video ads are 15 seconds long and also show before the start of video content but allows the viewers the option to skip after 5 seconds and move on to their viewing selection. 

Our partners will be happy to boast this great addition to their channel mix. This allows for more opportunities to consolidate providers and offer customers a single point of contact through our highly trained client management team. In addition to this, the cost and effort involved in hiring videographers was a barrier for most SMBs to leverage the power of video content. Even putting together stock videos meant hiring an editor alongside the effort of managing their own campaigns. As SMBs go through their digital transformation, solutions like this allow them to benefit from top-shelf quality at an attractive price point.

Whether it’s our enhanced support for the German market or exciting release around responsive ads, the team is excited to share the many developments and success stories that our partners enjoy through Spotzer Ads. Contact us today to learn more.

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