We have significantly grown our partners sales volume through our Sales Centres

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Sales as a Service is our proprietary white-labeled solution where we sell digital products on behalf of our partners. We launched this in 2021 to help our partners increase their revenue without increasing staff, managing commissions, and going through the effort of training their workforce. These include proprietary Spotzer Digital products such as websites and digital marketing as well as third-party products offered by our partners.

Since we launched this we have experienced tremendous growth in the service. Currently, over 30% of our global order volumes are driven by our white-labelled Sales Centres which sell on behalf of our partners. The remaining 70% is driven by our partner’s sales teams. We are active in all major geographies, including Europe, US, and APAC. The service has become a standard part of our launches and we expect to see demand for the service to continue to grow.

Our CEO, Peter Urmson, had this to say:

“It’s exciting to see. We are able to consult partners on their digital strategy, support their go-to-market, help them sell our solutions and manage fulfilment and customer relationships. As we continue to develop this service, we expect the value it brings to our partners to grow further”

The service also includes an upsell feature where our client managers also upsell to our partner’s customers.  Using Spotzer Digital to upsell also helps improve customer retention for a few key reasons listed below.

  • It is much more convenient for the customer to have all their online marketing activities with one agency
  • Customers are therefore less likely to go to a competitor for online advertising 
  • Customers using more than one supplier are at the risk of consolidating all solutions with one company
  • Churn rates for single-product customers can be as high as 10%. This drops to 2% for customers with two products and even further for clients with more than two products 

Are you an enterprise that wants to start selling digital solutions aimed at scale? Do you already have your digital products in the market and are looking to accelerate growth? Contact us today to learn how you can leverage our robust solutions designed to help you grow your business.

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