The power of SEO content by Spotzer Digital

This article is part of a series where we take a closer look at our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) product and share the experience we have with delivering a strong online presence for SMB’s. 

At Spotzer Digital we fulfill the complete digital marketing needs for any SMB. And that requires content, a lot of content. From the blurbs in paid marketing campaigns to the contact us forms on websites. At the core of all our content is an alignment with the business in question, adding to that the security that all copy is written according to the latest best practices prescribed by Google and other Search Engines. But what exactly is that content SEO? How do we consistently keep ranking well by just optimizing our content? 

What is content SEO?

A website can be built beautifully, with all the latest gadgets and a user experience like none other, but it can still be ranking poorly if the content is not up to par. So we can safely say that content is the powerhouse of the SEO-strategy, bringing in the true value of the pages on a website.

Within content, we can separate three key components that make for sound content SEO. 

  • Keyword definition
  • Site structure
  • Copy 

Our processes are structured around these components to provide a holistic strategy that gives SMBs an opportunity to set up a strong online presence with minimal costs.

Keyword definition

Like we discussed in the previous article, our focus lies on discovering keywords that combine the essence of the SMB in question combined with the local approach to pinpoint the area of operation.

Alongside that, we look up the most popular queries surrounding these keywords, focusing on the most efficient ones in terms of traffic and difficulty of ranking. Following this, we have to place these keywords organically in our content. Meaning, no spamming keywords in the content, making use of long tail versions of the keywords and writing the entire copy to revolve around the chosen keywords. 

Site Structure

When Google takes a look at a website, they start with understanding the structure of a website. Placing importance on what pages are higher in the hierarchy gives them a taste of what the entire website is about. 

Each and every SMB is unique and we treat their website structure no differently. The homepage always gives an overview of all services and products, with the pages underneath deep diving into their USP’s and power of the business. In subsequent pages, we place blogs and smaller product pages, to fill up any content gaps where we see fit. All these pages are linked to give Google a proper overview of a website, and the end customer a better user experience.

Copy – how do we write our content for SEO

At Spotzer Digital we pride ourselves on using only copywriters and proofreaders that are native speakers. An Australian website would be able to be serviced by a British copywriter, but they could never provide the nuance of the Australian dialect. This diligence helps us with our content SEO as well, as all copy is carefully written with the business’ specific needs in mind. 

All our copywriters and proofreaders are trained in best practice content SEO, always writing unique copy that comes from an original idea and an original combination of keywords. Addressing the correct audience and most importantly, writing text that is enjoyable to read.

When time comes to deliver the website to the SMB, we ask if they would like to apply any changes. Noticeably, the content is always appreciated and any changes that are requested are strictly cosmetic, making us confident in the quality of content that we deliver time and time again.

Spotzer Digital

With four offices around the globe, including the headquarters in Amsterdam, Spotzer Digital serves tens of thousands of small and medium businesses by building and managing their websites, launching their paid search and SEO campaigns, managing listing solutions, E-commerce and local market place. Spotzer Digital also consults on, and builds SaaS solutions that help support partners take to market best in class website and digital solutions.

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