At Spotzer Digital, our core business is helping small and medium business owners thrive through websites and digital marketing solutions that are designed from the ground up to bring them a return on investment. We’ve been doing this for almost two decades and have delivered over one million solutions while consistently achieving a global best-in-class NPS score. We maintain an agile roadmap with a modern product and tech stack that is able to adapt to changes in the digital landscape.

Over time, we’ve developed our proprietary product platforms and services across digital marketing and business solutions for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). We offer a range of digital tools and software, including our marketing automation platform, SpotzerAds, which streamlines the process of creating websites and managing digital marketing campaigns, as well as customer support features. While we are a global business, we operate with a local mindset when helping partners and have developed a deep understanding of the markets we operate in.

We’re deeply focussed on fostering outsource partnerships where we work together as one team to drive return on investment for small and medium businesses. Whether it’s traditional print companies or regional marketing agencies, we help them through their digital transformation and help them bring value to their customers. As an example, as recent as a few years ago, some German yellow page companies we’ve worked with still had as much as 80% of their advertising revenue through print.

For businesses already present in the digital market, we help improve their margins, grow revenue and scale their operations through the introduction of value-adding products. When companies are new to the digital market, we use our global expertise to help them develop a digital product strategy, execute effective go-to-market campaigns, manage customer relationships post-launch, and increase Average Revenue Per User (ARPU). As an enterprise-level partner for websites and digital marketing, we are dedicated to being a trusted ally for our clients.

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