There is no denying that the world, and especially the world of digital has shifted tremendously in the past 12 months. Take E-Commerce for example; in 2020 E-commerce as a sales channel increased by almost 20% year on year, which makes it now responsible for 17% of all retail sales made globally. Food delivery Apps such as Deliveroo and UberEats doubled in usage in 2020 thanks to more restaurants embracing takeaway and delivery options. The internet played a massively important role for many businesses in terms of their ability to survive the pandemic. 

Many businesses that had no plan to take their business online at the start of 2020, or invest in their existing online presence were forced to reconsider their plans. This resulted in even more businesses fighting for the same prime real estate on search engines. Many businesses that once ranked well on Google lost their positions to businesses that invested in, and doubled down on digital marketing activities such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Advertising (SEA).

SEO and SEA are not set and forget marketing activities. As Google changes their algorithm, or as more businesses compete for certain keywords through paid online advertising the marketing approach a business takes must also change. Businesses that fail to make the smart,  correct change will see a lot of time, effort and money wasted, resulting in no impact on the business’s online presence which leads to no real ROI and a negative impact on the businesses overall bottom line.

Spotzer upgrades their SEO & SEA tiers

This has led Spotzer to upgrade and extend their SEO and SEA solutions.

For SEO, Spotzer have extended their offer to include more transparency and accuracy in reporting. Spotzer have added competitor analysis and competitor keyword tracking as standard across all SEO solutions. This allows customers to see how their website is performing against their closest competition. The Spotzer SEO team is also more empowered by this change as it gives them better insights, allowing the SEO specialists to optimise their client’s site above and beyond that of the competition.

Spotzer has also added an extremely accurate keyword ranking tool and SEO performance  dashboard. This allows Spotzer to report with confidence on how a customer’s keywords are ranking in real time, on Google and other important search engines. This addition will give customers more transparency and confidence over what they are paying for and the work Spotzer does to ensure they outperform their competition.

At Spotzer, we understand the challenges many businesses are facing, and perhaps now is not the best time for some to “Speculate to accumulate” with paid advertising. With this in mind Spotzer has developed a new set of SEA tiers that are more focused on optimising a paid search or display campaign on either Social, Bing or Display, and not the traditional Omni-Channel approach of utilizing the most popular Search & Social channels. The Omni-Channel offer is of course still a solution Spotzer will continue to offer to businesses still interested.

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