Spotzer Digital launches Social Media Management

We are pleased to announce the release of our new Social Media Management product. As part of our mission to help small and medium businesses thrive, we leveraged our deep experience creating and managing content at scale into a product that delivers value at an attractive price point. With billions of users spending hours every day on social media networks, it is a massive opportunity for local businesses to be where their customers are. The solution offers tailor-made content syndicated on Google My Business, Facebook, and Instagram. Our solution is flexible and can include client management and product fulfillment, or just product fulfilment depending on your business needs.

When we manage the client relationship and fulfillment, our digital experts will start by developing a posting strategy and content schedule with your customer during a consultation call. The content creation process is managed by native professionals and designed by specialists. Once this is created, an approval mail is sent to the customer that includes a preview of all posts in the coming months. This gives them full visibility of their content calendar and the option to approve or request a change.

There is also the option to enhance your product fulfillment while you manage the client relationship. The process would follow a similar path where our teams develop the posts according to agreed guidelines and the policies of the applicable social media platforms. This lets you leverage our professional copywriting and expert design capabilities.

To help the content reach a broader audience, the solution offers Facebook’s Boosted Posts feature that allows users to target prospects through a simplified social media advertising campaign. This is an additional cost that is based on the desired advertising spend. In addition to increasing the value of the post, it also demonstrates the potential merits of online advertising to the business owner. This can serve as an opportunity to upsell more robust online advertising solutions that increase the value you deliver to your customers.

Staying true to our approach of unified journeys across multiple products, the social media management solution is white-labeled and integrated into the customer journeys our partners know and love. The solution includes various product tiers to meet different customer needs and contains reporting and optional quarterly outbound calls by one of our digital experts to your customer.

We are currently in the market with the social media management solution with our European partners. The initial results are very encouraging and are seeing thousands of units fulfilled every month.

Contact us to learn how you leverage our new social media management solution designed to help your customers tell the story of their business.

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