Spotzer Digital launches Listings and Reviews and Social Management across the UK

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Spotzer Digital is excited to share that we have launched new products in the UK market. These include our robust listings and reviews solution on Yext, our proprietary social media management product and our subscription-based proprietary SEO solution.

These were all launched with a leading cloud-based marketing services company servicing SMBs across the UK. This also includes our white-labeled Sales as a Service solution where we sell on behalf of our partners in addition to fulfilment and customer relationship management. We launched websites back in July with this exciting business and now extended our offerings, further deepening our partnership with them.

We also launched our Yext listings solution with InYourArea. InYourArea aggregates all the latest news, local sports updates, traffic alerts, and what’s happening in local communities from various news sites, blogs and social networks. It is operated by Reach Solutions and offers small and medium businesses the ultimate advertising opportunity and platform, combining engaging content, the latest digital advertising solutions and cutting-edge data, to connect businesses with our communities.

Both of these initiatives have started with very encouraging results and we look forward to seeing these partnerships grow. If you are an enterprise looking to offer small and medium businesses meaningful digital solutions that allow them to connect with their customers, please contact us today.

About Spotzer Digital

Since 2006, Spotzer Digital has been providing digital marketing solutions of the highest quality to small and medium businesses in cooperation with some of the biggest media enterprises around the world. We’ve established ourselves as leaders in the industry and are proudly innovating more and more sectors of it.‍ Now, we bring the knowledge of our executives to your doorstep. Leverage the team’s experience at Spotzer Digital with our range of insightful digital consultancy services for enterprises.

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