Spotzer Digital launches its Ads Engagement Tool, helping sales teams sell Online Ads

We’re excited to announce the release of our next-generation online advertising traffic forecasting tool, the Ads Engagement Tool by Spotzer Digital. It is designed as a brand engagement tool that helps turn website visitors into potential customers. By providing five basic inputs like business location and business category, a personalised forecast detailing the potential volume of traffic through online advertising is generated in seconds. It is a consumer-facing tool that can be placed on a partner branded web property. When fully integrated, it can transform forecasts into leads that feed to your CRM. The tool can also be used to strengthen go-to-market campaigns and add to the inbound and outbound marketing experience.

At Spotzer Digital, our mission is to help small and medium businesses thrive. We do this by partnering with large enterprises and helping them deliver value to their customers through our robust websites and digital marketing solutions that include sales tools, content management tools, and reporting tools that are powered by our tried and trusted white-labeled customer journeys. 

Telecommunications companies, domain hosting providers, and other businesses with a large client base on subscriptions see the opportunity. They want to pivot into delivering value to their customers through digital marketing but their customers aren’t used to engaging with them in this way. This brings challenges when trying to penetrate the market.

Having consulted and successfully delivered numerous large go-to-market campaigns for our partners, we see this tool as an always-on inbound engagement tool as well as a key element of marketing campaigns, even if you’re not a telco or hosting company. Like all our solutions, it is white-labeled to your brand and configured to your tone of voice.

 Here’s what the customer journey looks like.

  • Website visitors are able to generate their own estimates on a Partner branded web property that contains the forecast generation journey.
  • They simply need to enter their business name, email, phone, city or town, and specify a business category that is the closest match to their business.
  • The customer has the  option to start the purchase journey, request assistance through live chat, or get additional information on the service through product pages and FAQs
  • The prospect is sent their forecast
  • Optional feature to create leads in partner CRM so that sales agents can contact prospects who generated a forecast
  • The tool creates an opportunity for customers to engage with the partner’s brand while gaining insights into their business

Are you a large business with an existing customer base? Contact us today to learn how the Ads Engagement Tool can add value to your sales and marketing activities.

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