Spotzer Digital launches enhanced WordPress website packages

Spotzer Digital is pleased to announce our revamped website products on the widely popular WordPress platform. Our flexible WordPress website packages include professional copy and robust design capabilities with optional features such as Booking, Ecommerce, Memberships and more. They are conversion-optimised and onsite SEO friendly to be favourable for lead capturing and search engines alike.

With over 40% of the world’s websites built on WordPress, it boasts a huge selection of plugins to meet most business needs and is open source which allows for versatility and deeper customisation to achieve the best results.

We all know technology, design best practices, and SEO change rapidly. That’s why our dedicated team of developers keep their ears to the ground for the latest trends so you reap the benefits. With these insights, we’re able to help leverage the platform to beautifully portray a business online and help business owners tell their stories to their customers.

This is one of the many reasons that WordPress can transform the way a business conducts business online. With simple yet powerful plugins such as Bookly, which allows easy management of online appointments and WooCommerce, which can turn a standard website into a powerful E-Commerce store. Coupling these features with striking design and SEO can help a business emulate their offline success, online.

Another key advantage of WordPress is its security which is critical for any business online. Our website packages include ongoing maintenance and regular updates so that website visitors have a safe experience which is strengthened by every update that we make.

Contact us today to learn how you can leverage our enhanced WordPress packages designed to help your business customers grow.

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