In tough times, customers need the best support. Bring in Spotzer Digital

We previously looked at how our website and digital marketing products bring value to small and medium business owners. Not only do your end customers get to grow their business, but our solutions are also designed to help you scale your operations while improving margins and maintaining a great customer experience.

On our journey to fulfilling over one million digital marketing products and services, we’ve been able to build out our capabilities to support a myriad of the world’s most prominent website builders. These include WordPress and all WP-based platforms, Duda, Ecwid, and many others you know. Most agencies are only able to support one or two platforms which cause limitations. We are platform-agnostic and by partnering with us, you can be as well. Our products are built to help SMBs grow. That’s why we offer additional pages and website product tiers that include professional copywriting, and design services. 

When it comes to the customer experience, a key component of our success is our unified customer journeys across multiple products and platforms. This consistency results in a better user experience. The customer journeys are continuously optimised to give better turnaround times while maintaining a consistent level of quality. Not only are you giving the customer a great experience, but our workflows are optimised to deliver high-quality and value-adding websites in days, not months. This is something most agencies out there will struggle to compete with.

Aside from consistently great NPS scores, our customers rate us by staying with us for years, which is critical to subscription-based businesses. A key driver is the breadth and depth of our websites and digital marketing solutions. We see customer churn rates for single product customers can be as high as 10%. This drops to 2% for customers with two products and even further for clients with more than two products. This means your customers can have their digital marketing services with one provider and reduces the risk they will go to a competitor for this.

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