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At Spotzer Digital, we pride ourselves on delighting our partners by delivering maximum value to their customer base through our websites and digital marketing solutions. As a data-driven business, we focus on the metrics that have the most impact on customers. We understand small and medium businesses’ needs which is why we commonly achieve NPS scores of 80+ points for our partners across all solutions.

Our websites continue to deliver great value. Last March we observed a 100% increase in website visitors compared to March 2020 for our partner base. To date, it has grown an additional 5% since March this year across the same base and is expected to continue.

Traffic and conversion rate for Websites between 2020 and 2022

Our online ads solutions are no exception. We not only help our partners fulfill digital solutions for their customers, but our service also includes ongoing optimisation to improve product metrics that lead to healthy levels of retention. Last September we partnered with a European business and helped reduce their advertising cost of acquiring a lead by over 75%. With optimisation over time, they now regularly sit between 12% and over 19% conversion rate, which is significantly higher than the industry average. We attribute this to a close partnership and our deep experience in this space.

Conversion rate performance in 2022 of online ads for a German business

These are businesses that are making the transition to start scaling and our solutions help them do just that. In their case, we were able to increase their campaign onboarding and campaign build efficiency by over 45% and reduced the time spent on optimisation and reporting by 60%.

We’ve seen a significant increase in our average SEO performance as well over the last 6 months. When looking at individual cases, we see a dentist from Munich’s organic traffic increase by 100% driven by improved average keyword position that sees them move from the second page to consistently in the top 3. That leads to their business regularly receiving more calls and emails consistently every month.

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