Employee of the month – April 2022

CEO Award

Harshita Rangarajan

Harshita has received the CEO award for her hard work. She is someone who has been in the business for a while. She works behind the scenes, making sure everything is running smoothly. She is very diligently looking after many parts of the process across operations. She does a fantastic job; she is always smiling and happy. She is a pleasure to have in the business.

Operations Award

Jamaira Refos

Jamaira continues to keep things flowing despite any challenges that arise. Her commitment to the team, the business, partners, and customers has been 150%. Despite being new in the role, she has been performing as a senior, learning proactively, and covering all the tasks. With her endless positive, enthusiastic vibe, she is an example to us.

Production Award

Lars Koenen

Lars has impressed us from day 1 in his new role and even before with his curiosity to learn everything. He quickly built a solid rapport with his team, earning their trust with his support. He has grabbed the bull by the horns with migrations and made good progress on several projects – especially given that all these processes were new to him. Well done, Lars!

Head Quarters Award

Mohammad Niroomand

He is one of our full-stack developers. He is not exactly a new member, but recently he raised the bar and surpassed our expectations. He is a person who always shows proactivity, and he is driven by innovation and improving our systems. Recently, the team had a few challenges, and Mohammad took the initiative to lock himself away for a few days and presented several solutions upon his return. The whole team is looking up to him and is using this as inspiration. Mohammad, a massive thank you for your hard work.

Manila team

French Garrido

Her determination and willingness to learn new skills are commendable. You can always count on her when for new projects. She’s always one of the members who have completed the most tasks every month. We saw a lot of improvements since the day she joined the team because she’s always open to feedback and suggestions. That’s what makes her flexible and expert in different areas.

Melbourne Award

Tom Hodges

Tom is the team leader for our newest customer service team. After starting just two months ago, Tom has proven himself to be a team player and a great asset to the business. He has led the team by example by finding ways to seek out clients, improving processes and working hard to make it a successful reality. It is only very early days in the project and his time with Spotzer, but he is our well-deserved employee of the month. Congratulations, Tom!