Spotzer is a recognised leader in delivering digital marketing solutions for small businesses, with many award-winning products and services. While our fulfilment and automation capabilities for websites, listings, content, optimisation and ad campaigns are well-known, a lot of the work we do with our partners is not always visible.

But even though it does not get as much spotlight, it is no less critical. To the contrary, it usually drives everything else, from new launches to ongoing changes to the fulfilment. We are talking, of course, about the digital strategy.

Every partner we onboard, we ask these tough questions: What is your digital strategy? What is the market (or markets) that you serve? What are the obstacles you are facing? How can our products and services help you overcome them and achieve your goals? How can we align them with the rest of your portfolio? What is your long-term vision? How will we define short-, mid- and long-term success?

Answering these questions is not easy. Nevertheless, the answers can be the difference between launching something genuinely groundbreaking – or merely acceptable. To get to them, you need an in-depth knowledge of your capabilities, the digital market and your current position in it, as well as a clear sense of priorities and trade-offs. Moreover, this strategic work never ends. Fortunately, we are here to help you.

Spotzer is your strategy and fulfilment partner
In a series of articles, we are providing an in-depth look into various aspects and techniques we use to make your digital products and services successful:

Use global insights and understand local challenges to help your customers sell online and make their phone ring
Increase margin and profit by reducing risks in the discovery stage – Part I
Increase margin and profit by reducing risks in the discovery stage – Part II

Launching website products and services with Spotzer is easy. The knowledge we accumulated through delivering hundreds of thousands of websites removes most of the risk from the equation. You get to the next level just by onboarding Spotzer as your fulfilment partner.

Most companies have large ambitions. They want to bring lots of value to their customers, and they want to build a profitable business out of it. However, this requires more than just launching new products. There is no substitute for deep, relentless strategic work – and there’s no company in the world that knows the Do-It-For-Me digital marketing at scale better than Spotzer. That’s why year on year, the data shows that partners working closely with us on their digital strategy perform the best.

Do you want to build a profitable business helping SMBs thrive?

We are looking forward to working with you.

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