Spotzer Digital releases the product upload tool for E-commerce websites 

Small businesses are moving further into digital sales. So much so that E-commerce is expected to surpass $4.5 trillion in sales by 2021, which is double when compared to 2017.

Yes, growth has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, but the ease of getting your business online and operating in E-commerce has also helped accelerate this growth. Many businesses that previously decided against utilizing E-commerce as a separate channel are now rapidly moving online, as the foot traffic to their stores dwindled or ceased completely and automation through technology and costs of setting up online have improved.

An online store offers businesses another way to reach their customers in times of uncertainty, but it also gives them an edge over the competition. Unlike third-party marketplaces, it is a channel they can truly own. To help businesses improve their efficiency online when getting their products, taxes, and shipping infrastructures set up, Spotzer Digital has developed a tool that can easily be used on some of the world’s widely used E-commerce platforms, including WooCommerce, Wix, and Ecwid.

Spotzer Digital has built a White-label CSV product upload tool that allows even the most novice SMB owner to upload their products and product details (SKUs, Descriptions, Images, Taxes, Shipping costs etc.) in bulk across many different E-commerce platforms. The tool is built with the user in mind throughout, for example, the tool remembers the user’s last place if they log off before completing their upload each step and element of the tool contains handy tooltips and how-to guides so customers are confident they are using the tool correctly. Images are uploaded as files and converted into URLs automatically for the user through the tool, this allows for easy, bulk uploading to the E-commerce platform.

Spotzer also uses the product upload in its own internal operations and opens up the solution to new and existing partners to help maintain the organisation’s impressive turnaround times and industry-beating NPS. Spotzer Digital is more than a website and digital marketing agency and continues to invest in building out new and innovative software and solutions that help our partners succeed in delivering best-in-class digital products and services.

Are you a large business with an existing customer base interested in bringing professional digital solutions to your customers? Contact us today to learn how Spotzer Digital’s software, services, and solutions can help you to scale even further.

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