Spotzer Ads launches responsive ads

As part of our many releases in the last quarter, we are excited to announce that Spotzer Ads offers support for Responsive Display Ads and Responsive Search Ads as a key milestone of our data-driven approach and focus on seamless customer journeys. These ad formats are designed to take your high-quality text and image content and leverage Google’s robust machine-learning to find the combinations that drive success for paid search and display campaigns. For SMBs, it reduces collateral-design costs usually associated with image-based ads on the Google Display network.

At Spotzer Digital we know ‘content’ and have told the stories of countless small business owners through our digital solutions. From our early days developing high-ranking video content at scale to our vast experience developing hundreds of thousands of websites for small and medium businesses owners across the world, content is in our blood and at the heart of Spotzer Digital. Content is also at the core of the customer journeys and the workflows that power Spotzer Ads. They are essential to managing online advertising campaigns at scale and providing a great customer experience, something that stand-alone platforms might struggle to offer.

For those looking for a managed service, we offer a turn-key solution that combines our white-labeled customer journeys, content capabilities, robust ad tech platform, and highly-skilled client campaign management teams that help you get to market quickly or reduce operational costs by outsourcing. Features like these allow our teams to focus on helping SMB customers shape their digital strategy while leveraging all the benefits that A/B testing and machine learning have to offer. This data-driven approach removes speculation and enables easy decision-making when it comes to what works best.

If you are a part of the Google Partners program, you’ll be happy to see these features included as well as others that will help you achieve your objectives. The benefits of this release clearly help us achieve our vision of delivering high-quality and cost-effective online advertising solutions for small and medium businesses while helping our partners deliver cutting-edge digital products.

Whether you are looking to license our Spotzer Ads platform or benefit from the full managed service, contact us today to learn more.

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