Employees of the Year 2021

CEO Award

Gabriele Petrone

It is a pleasure to work with Gabriele. His proactive approach and initiative at Spotzer are truly extraordinary. He always has new ideas and ways to implement them. You can trust Gabriele to do a great job no matter the project or situation. Thank you, Gabriele. It is truly a pleasure to work with you. We are very happy to have you on the team and look forward to implementing more ideas under your wise guidance.

John Fowler

John’s commitment, passion, loyalty, and hard work have characterized his long and successful career at Spotzer, where he has become an indispensable and irreplaceable member of the team.

He’s been in charge of important projects with major partners, doing an outstanding job as usual and working long hours to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Thank you, John, for your sharp insights, strong work ethic, and impressive problem-solving abilities.

CEO Award

Matteo Ciardulli

Matteo is capable of completing any task. He is a great leader because of his diligence, great multitasking skills, and dedication to clients, partners, and the team as a whole. Not only that but his tenacity and commitment to delivering excellent results earned him the title of star employee in 2021. He’s outgoing, bubbly, and upbeat with a can-do attitude and a desire to take on new challenges and achieve success. Matteo’s contagious positivity and unbridled energy invigorate the entire team! Thank you, Matteo, for your dedication, bright personality, and constant concern for the team.

Operations Award

Madisyn Fox

Her positive energy and cheerful spirits shine through in everything she does, and her commitment to quality and consistency in her work is inspiring. Her exceptional work ethic and pleasant personality aid in the development of strong business relationships with our clients. She also works hard to get to know our clients to create excellent briefs for our copywriters!

Since July, the turnaround time for the partner she works with has been cut in half, and the approval process has been sped up by 98%, with NPS responses doubling since then. Madisyn received a perfect score of 10/10 from her customers. We couldn’t agree more.

Production Award

Andrea Gentile

Andrea is our rock! He’s always willing to go above and beyond to assist the team. He’s exceptional at working directly with partners and takes the time to assist our client managers. Andrea is an expert at deciphering complex terms and processes, as well as coming up with brilliant ideas! Congratulations on the excellent work you’ve done with Siinda. We are extremely proud of you, Andrea!

Melbourne Award

Liam Brady

Liam was awarded Melbourne’s 2021 Employee of the Year for his outstanding support of the WordPress team throughout the year. Liam was able to handle the same workload from home, managing everything the WordPress team needed. He also paid close attention to monthly results, leading the team to absolute success. Congratulations, Liam, on being awarded EOTY 2021. Well deserved!

HQ Award

Varshitha Shetty

Varshitha’s year has been a resounding success. She’s been working nonstop all year. She has not only performed admirably, exceeding our expectations, but she has also demonstrated dedication, consistency, and a strong work ethic.

Varshitha ensures that our systems are of excellent quality and run smoothly while collaborating with John and Bryan on the launch of a major partner. We are all grateful for the daily impact you have. Varshitha, thank you so much for your wonderful work!