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YouTube Ads for
small businesses

On top of being the most popular video-sharing platform in the world, YouTube is also the second most popular website in the world after Google.

Due to YouTube’s popularity and ability to engage billions of people every month, the platform can no longer be ignored by small businesses as a channel to advertise on. This is why Spotzer Digital is helping partners take to market YouTube video ad solutions for their SMB customer base.

Marketing Solutions

Cross-device and highly targetted ads

YouTube is available on all devices, from phones, tablets, desktops, and connected TVs. This helps SMBs to maintain the touchpoint across all screens while at the same time widening audience reach. This level of complex marketing has traditionally been reserved for businesses with very deep pockets.

Thanks to advances in Spotzer Digital’s technology and ability to bring video creatives to market quickly and at scale we can now offer enterprise-level marketing solutions for businesses with the most modest marketing budget.

Depening on ad goals and targeting, typical video Ads on YouTube cost as little as $0.10 to $0.30 per view.


Low cost, high return on investment

Advertising on YouTube can be incredibly affordable and highly targeted to both the location in which the business operates, and the demographic make-up of their typical customer. When running ad campaigns, you only pay for videos that users choose to watch and engage with, meaning you are dealing with an audience that is ready to give their attention to their screen. As the Ads are only 6 and 15 seconds in run time, they cannot be skipped.

Our Solution

Our YouTube Ad solution