Increase leads through organic growth with Spotzer SEO

Spotzer Digital delivers a full range of digital marketing services for our partners’ SMB clients. Our professionals focus on data driven solutions that help set up strong online profiles and continually iterate to increase traffic and leads. 

At Spotzer Digital, we don’t only focus on the instant growth that can be created with our Spotzer Ads solution, but also on longer term growth through our fully managed do-it-for-me SEO (Search Engine Optimization) solution. Time and time again it shows that by targeting the right keywords and optimizing the pages accordingly, we can rank high for each of your pages, driving organic traffic to businesses.

An average search on Google leads to millions of results, all neatly ranked according to usefulness of the query. Top ranking pages are regularly visited, but numbers drop off severely after that. Not among the first 10 visible pages? See the Click-through-rate (CTR) quickly drop below 2%.

Our content-heavy SEO works in 2 distinct ways. Start-up and review. By working together with the client, understanding their business and setting realistic expectations, we bring pages to the top spots for competitive keywords. 

Teams of market native SEO specialists and copywriters, supported by market leading SEO software ensure we’re always in-line with any global or local algorithm changes. Quarterly or six monthly reports and performance reviews allow us a closer look at possibilities for new keywords or optimization in existing ones. In addition, our monthly blogs fill in missing gaps in the content strategy, providing fresh content for crawling search engines.

In keeping in line with our fully transparent business model, we only provide 100% white-hat SEO solutions, keeping best practice according to Google and other search engines’ requirements. This means no keyword spamming, hidden text, content automation, or any other dubious practices. Our focus is on long term growth through consistent effort.

One story illustrates best how we achieve these long term results. We helped a dentist from Stuttgart significantly increase their traffic as their website struggled to win visits driven by underperforming keywords. Our team of SEO experts analyzed the issue and suggested a change in keyword targeting and content optimization of the pages. Within weeks, the revised strategy led to results, increasing incoming (new) users by over 30% on Google and other search engines. For the client, this meant a significant uptick in leads without any extra investment in paid ads or direct selling.

Another instance comes from a cleaning company in Berlin, which provides a highly specialized cleaning service in Berlin. Initially, targeting the entirety of Berlin led to very little results, as ads were dominating the SERP (Search Engine Ranking Page) as well as cleaning service aggregator websites and directory listings. With the help of a comprehensive, bespoke SEO strategy, we managed to increase keyword rankings from a position where most keywords were not indexing on search engines, to one that now see’s the company’s keywords consistently rank in the top 3 of Google.

For many, SEO has long been a mystifying solution, misunderstood by customers and misrepresented by Digital Marketing providers. Here at Spotzer Digital we break these misconceptions by aligning our SEO-strategy with your clients’ needs, without them having to lift a finger. Ensuring quality content which is enjoyable to read for users and ranks well on any search engine.

With four offices around the globe, including the headquarters in Amsterdam, Spotzer Digital serves tens of thousands of small and medium businesses by building and managing their websites, launching their paid search and SEO campaigns, managing listing solutions, E-commerce and local market place. Spotzer Digital also consults on, and builds SaaS solutions that help support partners take to market best in class website and digital solutions.


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