Employee of the year 2022

CEO Award

Bertram Croes

Knowing the business inside out, Bertram is very sharp and responsive. Very organised and informed he always steps in to assist his peers. Bertram is an amazing person, and it is a great pleasure to work with him. Congratulations Bertram on your well-deserved award!

CEO Award

Coralie Defrances

Coralie is a very talented and strong woman. She is a true professional who possesses great communication skills, works very well with people and has been a massive pillar to our business. Coralie has dedicated her efforts in supporting our team and she is always on top of her game. Congratulations Coralie!

CEO Award

Lars Koenen

Lars has grown over the last few years and developed tremendously. Having a great personality and being extremely smart, Lars has quickly become a star in our business. He is very flexible and organised, and his communication skills are amazing. We cannot thank him enough for his efforts and his dedication to our business. Congratulations Lars!

Customer Success and Production Award

Charlotte Roussel

Charlotte is always one step ahead with her work. Very organised and proactive, she always knows what is happening in her team. She leads with ease, supports them in their daily tasks and coaches them to develop themselves. Charlotte is a true leader, and it was an absolute privilege to see her grow! Congratulation Charlotte on this well-deserved award!

Customer Success and Production Award

Patrick Neumeier

Patrick is an ambitious person, very flexible and kind. He worked very hard to improve his skills, always eager to learn and prove himself. Patrick is appreciated by the whole team and has managed to become one of our top performers. Well done, Patrick!

Headquarters Award

Bryan Starr

To operate so smoothly as a department, we needed someone to step up, to show ownership and leadership. Bryan took the lead and became a professional example. He is the glue in our team, connecting everyone together, constantly developing himself. It is an honour to name Bryan our Employee of the Year. Congratulations Bryan!

Headquarters Award

Mildred Weder

Mildred is a great example of what a true professional is. She goes beyond her job description, always dedicated, and committed to her role and achieving the best results. We would like to recognise her contribution to our business for the past year and congratulate Mildred for being herself. Well done!

Melbourne Award

Tom Hodges

Congratulations Tom! We are proud to announce you as Employee of the Year. Since joining Spotzer this year you have built strong relationships with our partners and helped to grow a dedicated customer service team. Your leadership, direction, positive attitude, and supportive nature make you stand out as a top performer. We appreciate your hard work and would like to congratulate you on a well-deserved employee of the year award.

Manila Award

Mark John Ido

We would like to congratulate Mark for winning the Employee of the Year – Manila Award. Mark leads his team by consistently motivating them to be their best. He always made himself available to address any technical or personal concerns. Mark successfully set in motion monthly, quarterly, and annual celebrations.  He is the person behind the success of events that took place in 2022. We all admire his dedication in ensuring we get to spend meaningful time together as a team. Kudos to you Mark, we appreciate all your hard work.  You deserve this year’s EOTYR!

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Employee of the Year – 2023

CEO Award Lars Koenen Lars has shown remarkable growth over the past year and continues to invest in his personal development. His unwavering loyalty to the business is evident as he consistently steps up to

Technology and innovation to drive growth

Over the years, we’ve evolved from a single-product business to offering a full suite of digital solutions and services at scale. This includes websites, digital marketing products, Sales-as-a-service, and more. This year, we launched our