Employee of the month

Employee of the month – September 2022


CEO Award

Maria Antonella Vebture

Maria is an exceptional person, very honest and hard-working. She is extremely involved in our business, very loyal, and an absolute pillar of strength within the team. Everything she does, she does perfectly. A real team player, Maria is always there to support others. Congratulations Maria!

CEO Award

Jakub Bogusz

Jakub is seen as a quiet achiever. He is a core member of our team, and we would like to congratulate Jakub for his great contribution to the business. He is always present in the office, very diligent, and is doing a great job. Everyone loves Jakub, and he is very easy to work with. Well done!

Customer Success and Production Award

Daniel Sanchez Penalver

Daniel is a very proactive person. He is always eager to learn, asks the right questions and loves to assimilate as much information as possible. It is a true pleasure to work with Daniel. He has rapidly grown within the company, and all his team members and colleagues have praised him for his ambition. Congratulations Daniel!

Head Quarters Award

Mildred Weder

We would like to thank Mildred for being a key part of our team. She is a very special person, always working hard and a true professional. Mildred is always there to support her team and assist with everything that is needed. It is a great pleasure to work with Mildred!

Melbourne Award

Toan Duong

Toan’s positivity and reliability make him an integral team member for Spotzer Digital. A quiet achiever, always stepping in to help and stepping up when needed. Toan’s knowledge and experience help the team to scope, quote and ultimately deliver superb products. We’re all grateful to Toan for his hard work, helping everyone across a wide range of partners. Thanks, Toan!

Manila Award

Brilliant Delle Quidasol

Big shout out to this team member! He has shown a willingness to help the team by accepting urgent tasks whenever needed. He has our confidence that he will deliver and do an excellent job. His work is outstanding, and we appreciate you as our team member. We are seeing your efforts and the impact that you have in the team. Good job, as always; we are proud of you, and keep it up!


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