Employee of the Month – October 2023

CEO Award

Lars Koenen

In the past months, Lars has consistently exceeded expectations. He has not only demonstrated unwavering dedication and a tireless work ethic but has also shown a strong commitment to our business and its people, all while efficiently multitasking. Furthermore, he has excelled in every project he has undertaken. Keep up the outstanding work, Lars!

CEO Award

Meg Odvina

Meg is doing an amazing job managing the team in Manila. Her commitment to excellence and the positive impact she has had on our team and projects have set a remarkable standard. Meg’s efforts have not only made a difference but have also inspired those around her. Congratulations on your exceptional performance!

Customer Success and Production Award

Shirin Mani

We’re really happy to say congrats to Shirin for being named Employee of the Month! She works hard, supports the team, and does an awesome job, making her stand out. Everyone has noticed how she goes the extra mile in everything she does. The team acknowledges how much she’s contributed to our success. Her productivity shows how effective and serious she is. So, big congratulations on this well-deserved accomplishment!

Headquarters Award

John Feiereisen

John is a very curious person, eager to learn and improve, who dove head-first into the role. He brings a calm energy to the team, always making sure he is informed and follows up diligently. He can speak multiple languages and support stakeholders across other partners outside of his region. We’re happy to have him on our team and happy to see him continue to grow, of course, we’re talking about John!

Sales Award

Laurent Colomer

Laurent has shown an extraordinary capacity for growth and excellence. His transition from a Client Manager to a leading figure in sales, especially in the French market, is a story of true dedication and skill. His deep understanding of our clients and comprehensive knowledge of our products have propelled him to remarkable success. Laurent’s ability to empathize with clients and leverage his expertise is not just a personal triumph but a significant contribution to our team. His journey is an inspiring example for us all.

Manila Award

Mark John Idio

Jo has always been an asset to us. He consistently takes care of all responsibilities, particularly within the assigned department. In every meeting, he provides a comprehensive set of information comprising updates and resolutions. Thanks for extending all efforts for the benefit of the entire Manila Team. Good luck!

APAC Award

Keane Rodrigues

Congratulations to our Employee of the Month, Keane! Keane’s unwavering reliability and exceptional work ethic make them a standout team member. Always going above and beyond, consistently seeking out ways to help and improve, positively impacting everyone across the APAC business. A well-deserved recognition for a job well done!

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