Employee of the month – May 2022

CEO Award

Coralie Defrances

Coralie is an incredibly talented person. She has grown significantly in the past year and a half. Currently, we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg. She has great potential, is very proactive and does a really great job at managing several teams. She is doing fantastic work and we are glad to have her. Congratulations, Coralie!.

CEO Award

Jernej Razen

Jernej has shown a great deal of professional growth over the past year. He is diligent in every aspect of his job and an absolute professional. He manages difficult situations with humour and ensures a good outcome, embraces daily challenges and is not afraid to speak his mind and challenge things. We truly appreciate you, Jernej!

Operations Award

Annina Fitzian

Annina has been working for Spotzer for only a short time and has quickly adapted and become an important part of the team. She is a very proactive team member, trustworthy and always ready to step in. Thank you, Annina, for all your support.

Production Award

Virginie Estrella

Virginie has an exceptional eye for design and her sense of fashion and style puts us all to shame. She is quiet and can be a bit shy, but her integration into the team has been smooth. It feels like she’s been here for much longer than she has! Every day Virginie creates amazing work with a smile and is always a team player.

We are lucky to have Virginie on our design team! Virginie, you thoroughly deserve the production award this month. Thank you for all your hard work!

Head Quarters Award

Deepak Modekar

Deepak’s output for the team is amazing. He’s a really great, polite, helpful, friendly and funny guy, always ready to help and support his team. Deepak is very calm, gets on with the job and always finds solutions. He is a solid team member. Congratulations, Deepak!

Manila team

Michaella Toledo

Taking initiative and being proactive are two of Michaella’s strongest traits. She also shares strategic techniques on how to develop the team’s skills. She is professional and amazingly easy to work with. Having a great attitude and a strong desire to succeed plays a key role in reaching her goals. We appreciate Mikee’s hard work and dedication to always helping the team. Keep it up!

Melbourne Award

Alvin Soon

Alvin has worked tirelessly and often behind the scenes to ensure all his tasks are completed on time, to a high standard and without issue. Well done, Alvin. His dedication and support of the team highlights the true spirit within our company as we all work as one team to help our customers. Very well deserved, wonderful job Alvin!