Employee of the month

Employee of the month – June 2022

CEO Award

Raphaela Wiedenhaus

Raphaela is an absolute legend among our team. She is brilliant, hardworking and devoted to the Spotzer family! Every project she works on, ends up in a better place, and she really pulls it together. She helps everyone navigate through the business and that means the world to everyone. Thank you Raphaela for everything!

Operations Award

Valerie Zbinden

Valerie is an intelligent and curious person. She always shows empathy and has always worked to increase the business. Her proactive attitude cannot be missed, and she has grown herself significantly. She cares about her team, and always looks after them. Thank you, Valerie!

Operations Award

Amandine Bogels

Amandine is an absolute rockstar, constantly devoted to the team, helping others, and taking on extra tasks. She is very proactive, efficient and manages to learn new processes in a short period of time. Thank you, Amandine, for your hard work!

Head Quarters Award

Xin Li

Xin is a very special team member. Out of her own initiative she has been looking for ways to help her team. She has managed to develop a system that will significantly reduce the workload for her colleagues. This is an incredible achievement for us, and we would like to thank Xin for her proactiveness. Congratulation Xin.

Manila team

Kevin Bacud

There were two special projects assigned to Kevin and he was able to demonstrate his knowledge, dedication, and skills while working on those tasks. He has exceeded expectations and is very much willing to share his expertise and we appreciate Kevin’s genuine support to the team. We are proud of Kevin and look forward to seeing him succeed.

Melbourne Award

Sam Toor

Sam’s attitude and work ethic are some of the reasons why we appreciate him. He gets the job done and is always thinking outside the box for new ways we can support our customers and make his work a success. He takes on challenges with conviction, tackles his workload without complaint, supports his team members and regularly steps up. He proactively looks for work to do and is confident in asking questions if he needs to. Working with him is a pleasure! Well done Sam and thank you.


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