Employee of the month

Employee of the Month – May 2023

CEO Award

Adam Noble

Adam is constantly supporting and encouraging his team and plays an important role in our team’s success. He is an amazing communicator, possessing an incredible set of skills that make him approachable and friendly. Congratulations, Adam! Your exceptional dedication, outstanding work ethic, and consistent commitment to excellence have earned you this well-deserved recognition.

CEO Award

Lars Koenen

Lars is outstanding. With his amazing personality, he is always ready to jump into action and save the day. He is extremely dedicated and hardworking, and he manages to ace all the tasks he takes on. Thank you, Lars, for all your dedication, support, and loyalty. Congratulations!

Customer Success and Production Award

Claudia Lutz

Claudia is an amazing member of our team. Claudia’s professionalism and her ability to consistently go above and beyond expectations have earned her this well-deserved recognition. We extend our warmest congratulations to Claudia for this outstanding achievement. Her dedication, hard work, and exceptional performance have not gone unnoticed.

Headquarters Award

Pavithra Radhakrishnan

Pavithra has managed, in a short period of time, to become such a key member of our team. She always has everything covered and always has her peers’ backs. Her efforts have undoubtedly played a significant role in our collective success and have been duly acknowledged by everyone. Congratulations, Pavithra, on your well-deserved award!

Sales Award

Yevgeniya Poltavets

Yevgeniya is a true example of what perseverance looks like. She always strives to succeed and achieves her goals. Her positive influence and willingness to lend a helping hand have fostered a collaborative and supportive work environment, making it a pleasure for all of us to work alongside her. Congratulations, Yevgeniya, on this remarkable accomplishment!

Melbourne Award

Richard Duong

Richard has played a crucial role in the continuous success of the sales team and, correspondingly, in the development, execution, and ongoing assistance for one of our major partners in the APAC region. Frequently working beyond regular hours, he has contributed significantly by resolving challenges and introducing streamlined procedures to enhance efficiency. Richard consistently exemplifies the Spotzer values through helping, supporting, and unwavering dedication. Congratulations, Richard, on a job well done.

Melbourne Award

Fench Garrido

Fench consistently demonstrates a willingness to assist with platform training. She ensures that she shares all her knowledge during the training sessions, providing valuable insights, techniques, and alternative approaches. Even beyond the training period, she remains accessible and ready to offer guidance on how to effectively implement what we’ve learned. We greatly admire her commitment to problem-solving rather than dwelling on challenges. We sincerely appreciate the considerable time, effort, and patience she invests in training newcomers. Fench, you are truly remarkable!


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