CIO Bulletin interviews Spotzer Digital CEO, Peter Urmson

Our CEO, Peter Urmson, was recently interviewed by CIO Bulletin after our recognition as a Top Solutions Provider for Telecommunications Companies from the publication. CIO Bulletin is a publication with a worldwide reach that specializes in business, technology, and branding. They are committed to providing top-quality enterprise solutions and keeping their audience informed about topics such as leadership, entrepreneurship, CIO’s and their lifestyles.

They went into detail about our best practice solutions that focus on the customer experience, NPS and delivering tangible value for money for our partners and their small and medium business customer base. The interview also covers new key offerings such as the bundle solutions Online Essentials, which is centred around business websites, and Social Essentials, centred around social media pages for businesses.

Below is an excerpt from the interview:

Q: What prompted you to develop Spotzer Digital? Can you tell us about the journey so far?

PU: Having come from an enterprise business background myself, I have built a business that solves the problems that enterprise businesses have in supporting SMB customers with digital marketing and business solution services.

Having now worked closely with many of the world’s leading telcos, our business offers a full end-to-end solution where we do all of the heavy lifting, allowing the telco to focus just on marketing our products and services. We do everything else, from sales to customer contact, production, fulfillment, and ongoing customer care. We are already in deep relationships and partnerships with leading telcos such as Telstra, Orange, Telenet, Telenor, Swisscom and several other significant brands.

We offer a range of digital tools and software, including our marketing automation platform, SpotzerAds, which streamlines the process of creating business listings, websites, building e-commerce sites, managing social media and search to drive traffic and generate leads.

For businesses already selling online products and services, we help improve their margins, grow revenue, and scale their operations through the introduction of value-added products. When companies are new to offering their customers digital solutions, we use our global expertise to help them develop a digital product strategy, execute effective go-to-market campaigns, manage customer relationships, and increase Average Revenue Per User (ARPU).

CIO Bulletin interview with Spotzer Digital CEO, Peter Urmson – February 2023 edition

You can find the full interview on the CIO Bulletin website. Contact us today if you are an enterprise business that is focussed on growing revenue and increasing the profitability of your digital products and services.

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