Throughout the last 15 years, we have worked with leading telecommunication companies, hosting businesses, online search & directory services, media organisations, and technology enterprises across the globe. During this time we delivered over one million digital solutions and helped our enterprise partners grow their revenue through digital products and improved their profit margins. Our experience working with global brands puts us in a unique position to bring our executive expertise to your doorstep through Business Solutions.

Some examples of the Business Solutions services we provide are listed below.

For some of our largest customers and partners, we have launched a full business solution where we manage proprietary platforms on behalf of their consumer-facing brand. We manage sales and implementation of the product solution with the end customer and manage the customer lifecycle. For this partner, we consistently hit global best-in-class NPS scores. We’ve also implemented integrations with market-leading payment providers for large telcos in Europe and Australia to help scale their business through a streamlined payment management system.

Other examples include implementing integrations for an industry-leading fintech platform with a business listings solutions provider so that they are able to offer listings management to their business customers at high volumes and provide a great experience.

With a myriad of developments in the global data privacy policy realm, we understand what is required for large modern enterprises to operate with confidence. As GDPR is poised to be the global standard, our legal and compliance teams monitor these changes closely to ensure you are always up to date.

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