Employee of the month

Employee of the month – August 2022

CEO Award

Charlotte Roussel

Charlotte is an ambitious person who always has a smile on her face. She is incredibly professional and very focused on the job, the team, and the business. You can genuinely see that she loves what she’s doing and is giving everything that she can. Charlotte loves new challenges and embraces them. Congratulations, Charlotte, and thank you for your dedication!

Customer Success and Production Award

Brielle Staine

Brielle is one of our top performers, always praised by the team, with a great attitude and is extremely hard working. It is a pleasure to work with her as she is such a reliable person, and the team can always count on Brielle’s support. Thank you, Brielle!

Head Quarters Award

Bryan Starr

Bryan always gives a 100% to his job and cares about the level of detail. Everything he does turns out perfect. He has a great attitude and provides high levels of service. Bryan is a real backbone to the team, and we would like to thank him for his hard work! Congratulations!

Melbourne Award

Richard Duong

Right from the beginning, Richard was instrumental in successfully managing multiple difficult tasks. His positive, can-do attitude has been noticed. His work is consistently excellent, and his contributions, work ethic and team-centric approach have been felt across the company.

Thank you, Richard, for your fantastic work, and well done!

Melbourne Award

Chalice Faehse

Since joining us, Chalice has continuously demonstrated her fantastic work ethic. She capably handles multiple tasks with competing priorities while passing on constructive feedback to her team. In addition, Chalice often takes on urgent work as needed by her colleagues.

Thank you for being an exemplary worker and a genuine ray of sunshine, and congratulations on your award!

Manila Award

Khale Velasquez

Khale is a very responsible person. Even if it’s his rest day, he will respond especially for urgent matters. He will advise, provide information, and assist in all things necessary to resolve a concern. We are thankful for all the efforts and hard work that he is doing. Thank you!

Manila Award

Jazmine Manlapig

Jazmine has demonstrated her communication and listening skills more than once. A very patient and polite person, she works above and beyond what’s expected. Jazmine always tries her best to implement all requests and provide clear instructions. 

Thank you, Jazmine, for being dedicated to work and for always being there for your colleagues!


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