hub by Spotzer Digital

hub helps SMB’s get online fast with Digital Marketing products that perform to deliver clicks and calls. Taking all of Spotzer Digital’s products and cloud-enabled technology tooling into a single, fully integrated solution.

Hub changes the way how SMB’s understand and start their journey towards creating an online presence. Allowing them full control of every stage in building their website, ads campaign, ecommerce platform, SEO, and other digital marketing essentials. 

A fully whitelabeled environment, hub makes it easier than ever for Agency and Enterprise sized partners to grow quickly and scale their SMB digital business through a deep, data-driven understanding of what makes any business successful online.

Built on Data

Built on Data

The foundation of hub is based on the hundreds of thousands of websites and campaigns that Spotzer Digital has managed. By combining this knowledge base with our technology stack, we can deliver our products in record time and showcase exceptional performance.

hub understands what conversions points, designs, keywords and budgets work best for a business, no matter where the business is based, or what the business’ services and products are. 

The end results are beautiful, content-rich websites, strategically optimised SEO, and Social & Ads campaigns built to return a strong ROI far more quickly than industry averages.

A Powerful but Simple Dashboard

hub supports an advanced performance dashboard.

Partners and customers can quickly see the performance of their website, e-commerce, marketing campaigns and bookings from one simple dashboard. Providing a simplistic report with all the tools a customer needs to stay up-to-date with their order.

Self-serving Marketplace

Customers who are looking to align their business’ growth with their online presence can purchase or upgrade packages directly from hub. Whether it’s adding more pages to a website, selling products in an online store through e-commerce or boosting their online presence through SEO or SEA, hub will guide and direct customers to the right solutions for their specific needs.

 Partner Integration​

Partner Integration​

Our multi-tenant environment allows for a full API integration with partner’s CRM’s or existing marketplaces, such as Salesforce, AppDirect, and more.

Giving full transparency and allowing tracking of individual orders through webhooks, ensuring partners are aware of all order statuses at any point in time. We have integrated with the world’s leading solutions to provide a full technology suite with security layers wrapped around to deliver the worlds best NPS results in this category. 

Helping Partners Scale Quickly

Through AI and automation services, Spotzer Digital has simplified the website creation process so much that customers can be online fast, even if the customer has never had a website or online presence before. Historically, website design has been Operations and People heavy. By eliminating the dependency on operational load, coupled with Spotzer Digital’s smart technology, Spotzer Digital’s process and services have allowed some partners to scale from less than fifty, to over a thousand sites a month.

Spotzer Digital understands customers need to feel guided through the whole process of their website and campaign builds, even if they did not have direct over the phone onboarding. Of course, Spotzer Digital will always provide this assistance should a customer require additional help. All customers can still simply book a time with one of our skilled Digital Client Managers for a phone consultation and support.


Decrease Churn, Increase Retention

Many 9 to 5 SMB’s are not able or willing to take time out of their day regarding a consultation call for their digital marketing products. This led us to start developing hub, allowing 24/7 purchase and onboarding, all within the SMB owner’s control.

Our data indicates that the sooner a customer is contacted after they purchase a product, the lower the churn rate and the higher their customer experience is. Through the hub dashboard – following their checkout – an self-serve onboarding process is initiated. Now they can instantly start their path towards building an online presence 


Encouraging Results

Spotzer Digital has seen some incredible results in terms of engagement and satisfaction.

NPS has remained over 70 for most partners, while consultation calls have decreased by 25%.

This is achieved through our automated services and without the need for additional human resources. Now we empower our partners to scale in a cost-effective manner.

Fully Integrated Cloud-Based Technology Stack - hub

Spotzer Digital has built a proprietary workflow engine based on Salesforce that integrates into some of the world’s market-leading technologies in the digital space. Additionally, we own proprietary tooling that we make available to our partner network, including a powerful API.

One of these proprietary technologies is Spotzer Ads, which consists of a unique set of sales enablement tooling that leverages AI, Machine Learning and big data, all fully integrated within the hub.

We’ll help you bring your solutions to more customers. Get in touch with us and let’s talk.